CoverGirl Cheekers Blush Review

I have been using CoverGirl products and I really love this blush.

First of all, as the official said, it is a portable mini compact, very easy to carry, it is very small, and it also comes with a brush. Although the brush is a bit thorny, it still feels ok to use.

This blush is pure and natural. The pigmentation is a bit low and you need to apply a lot of layers. But it is easy to apply. In effect, it actually gives a slight luster to the face, which is a brilliant color.

This blush does not make you look greasy like other shimmer blushes, it is very transparent. If you are just starting to learn makeup, this blush is also easy to use.

There is some smell, but rest assured, it is faint, and it smells very comfortable.

If you are collecting blushes, then this might be a good brand. Some people are obsessed with lip armor, while others are obsessed with blush. This is a good brand when you are looking for the blush you want. It’s really affordable!




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