Covergirl Clean Liquid Makeup Foundation Review

I bought the greasy version for the first time and was very disappointed that it probably didn’t fit me.

Then I plucked up the courage to buy the regular version, which was very different from the greasy version. The regular version had a very natural look, but it was definitely not matte or dewy.The foundation stays on the skin for quite a long time because I personally wear my makeup between eight and eleven hours.When I finally remove my makeup, I can still see the effect of the product on my skin.

It is very friendly for sensitive skin and contains Noxcema, which is meant to solve any problems such as skin sheen, pores and pimples.And when I use it, it doesn’t dry out the skin, the product is light and blends perfectly with the skin, giving me the clear, even and glowing skin I want.

From the outside, its glass bottle is compact and can hold 30 milliliters.However, it has no pump head, which I don’t like very much. I prefer to use pumps to control the quantity of products, but this does not affect my love for it.And I can smell that it does.And a little strong, but I don’t care about this very much, if you are sensitive to it, you have to consider when buying.

If you want to have a good price base, I recommend it to you!


$ 5.99 / 30ml


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