CoverGirl Clean Matte Pressed Powder Review

Found my favorite pressed powder!

CoverGirl’s Clean Matte Pressed Powder is definitely a classic! It is added with oil absorbing agent, which can help friends with oily skin and make the skin look fresh and dull. And it is an oil-free formula that will not clog pores, which is ideal for sensitive skin.

For pressed powder, the covering layer is very thick. The thick covering is intended to cover your pores so that your skin looks flawless. But it doesn’t look like a cake, at least to me.

And it has no odor, has good durability, and almost no shedding.

But one thing, the shadow of the pressed powder is a bit dark, but it has no effect.

I also like the packaging very much. It comes with a working mirror and a powder puff. The color looks very fashionable and it is easy to carry.

If you are planning to buy a pressed powder recently, this one is highly recommended!




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