CoverGirl Clean Powder Foundation Review

If you like Simply Powder, this is your foundation—CoverGirl Clean Powder Foundation.

This is a dust-free foundation, it is like a liquid, with a powdery light and refreshing feeling. The best foundation is to maintain flawless, breathable covering power in rainy weather; the worst foundation is to dry the skin and become flaky or clumpy.

CoverGirl Clean Powder Foundation can provide me with enough covering power to deal with daily makeup. And it contains SPF to protect my skin from UV rays. It can even out my skin tone without clogging my pores.

The appearance is a black square box design with a semi-elliptical sponge. Except for emergency use, I usually buy it myself. It will be more convenient to travel and carry. I like anything that can bring me convenience.

This is a two-in-one foundation that feels like a powder but can cover like a liquid. The effect is also relatively long-lasting. After a day’s work, it does not change significantly and is still natural.

I suggest you give it a try! And hope you can share your feelings about it with me!




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