CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder Review

It is a little different from the powders recommended before, this one is not so strong. This is CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder.

It is the same as most of the previous matte models, but still has an oil-free formula. It can help friends with oily skin and make the skin look refreshed. It will not clog pores and is also very suitable for sensitive skin.

The covering layer is relatively thick, which can cover the pores and make the skin look flawless, but it will not look like a cake. Of course, it depends on my own situation.

The packaging is still equipped with a working mirror and powder puff, and it has a black-brown appearance, which is very suitable for carrying out. There is no smell, and the durability is very good, almost no damage in the whole day.

If your skin has few blemishes, you can use it alone, but I usually use it in combination with Cover Girl Clean founditon.

If you want a matte pressed powder, you can try the previous Cover Girl Clean Matte Pressed Powder. Otherwise, you can try this one!




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