CoverGirl clump crusher extensions mascara

One of the most underrated products in the beauty market. If you are looking for beautiful, long and natural eyelashes-this is the mascara for you. It is CoverGirl clump crusher extensions mascara

It is buildable, but never clumsy. I can use it on any occasion-very good. It can separate the eyelashes well and provide sufficient length for the eyelashes. You can layer it nicely, it won’t cluster at all. During the busy days, I can use it without eyelash curler, and there is no problem if the eyelashes are not curled.

The formula is very thin and dry, so it is not obvious on the first coat. I usually apply three coats to achieve the effect I want. It is indeed a cluster crusher. Although it does not last all day, it can also curl the eyelashes very well. And it will not clump or stain my makeup.

It retains the brush but adjusts the formula. CoverGirl’s stunning Clump Crusher brush and slender slender fibers eliminate the appearance of tree-like spider legs, making the eyelashes look long and separated, and very natural.

If you are looking for a great new mascara, CoverGirl Clump Crusher Extensions is great and definitely worth a try!




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