CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick Review

I want to publish an article on Lipstick today.No one denies that lipstick is a girl’s best weapon.

I found a lipstick that I really like and would like to recommend it to everyone.It is the continuous color of CoverGirl.The color is very natural and it lasts a few hours, but it does need to be retouched.But I don’t mind embellishing it, as most recipes for lasting lipsticks are very dry and look hard on the lips.

I like to paint this lipstick in a shade. It has a nice pigmentation and a creamy texture, but it doesn’t really flow, which makes it easy to apply and even.Never leave spots or buildup on the lips.Most importantly, these lipsticks are very affordable.

The packaging is very cute, the top is a transparent cover cover, the bottom is pure black lipstick tube.The most satisfying part is that it has no strange smells or chemical odors.

With this lipstick, you no longer have to choose between high-moisture or all-weather colors.The moisture-rich formula and the long-lasting lipstick formula help keep lips soft and colorful, so after a while, my lips still look hydrated and unharmed!

If you’re thinking of buying a Lipstick in the near future, I recommend CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick!




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