CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara Review

This is a great waterproof mascara. This mascara also brings a sense of volume. I have been wearing this mascara for several years and it is difficult to find a substitute for it.

It turns out that there are very few mascaras that do not clump my lashes and provide enough lifting, curling and thickening. CoverGirl’s LashBlast Thick Mascara is one of them.

Lash Blast makes my eyelashes my best eyelashes: visibly longer, fuller, darker, and clearer, but look natural, just like I was born with the densest, fluffy eyelashes.

Thanks to its unique magic wand, its deeply pigmented and volume-enhancing formula can easily slip onto my eyelashes, unlike any other applicator I have used. It has dense rubber-like bristles that evenly distribute the product on my eyelashes without making them clumpy. My only doubt is that if I don’t do some convenient work, the thicker brush will not catch my outer eyelashes. Therefore, I must hold the brush vertically and take extra care to avoid staining my lid with the nib.

Since I haven’t gone out these days and the influence of heat and humidity has been thrown away, I haven’t seen any significant shedding, and the curl has been maintained for many hours. Although its formula has all the typical characteristics of a good mascara (iron oxide for pigments and carnauba wax for consistency), it does make this mascara my favorite magic wand.

The bright orange packaging feels full of vitality, you can always rely on it to bring me the lashes I dream of. If you can, you can also give it a try!



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