CoverGirl Melting Pout Vinyl Vow Liquid Lipstick Review

CoverGirl Melting Pout Vinyl Vow Liquid Lipstick focuses on the “vinyl” high-gloss finish, which can provide full coverage of color and strong gloss.

What I like most is its light color, this kind of gloss is what I have been looking for. The sponge applicator has a tapered tip and flat edge to help you apply accurately. There are shadows and names that caught my attention.

The formula feels great on the lips overall-it is very refreshing, although I am not sure if it is really moisturizing. However, they do look good on dry lips and are not sticky at all. As a gloss agent, these will not remain permanently over the wear time. Whether it is food or a kettle, just touch it and it can be eliminated.

But one thing I can’t accept is its smell. It doesn’t smell very fresh. I do think that these liquid lipsticks live up to everything the brand claims. I have seen comments that the airtightness of the tube is not very good, and I have not encountered this problem yet.

In short, I think you can try it for its luster!




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