CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Liquid Eyeliner Review

I generally don’t use liquid eyeliner because my hands are sometimes not controlled by my thoughts.

CoverGir launches Perfect Point Plus eyeliner with a liquid formula!

It has strong pigmentation and has a saturated, uniform color. The most pleasing thing is that it can be carried out quickly, you don’t have to continue to study carefully, and it won’t pull or dirty the work that has already been done.

It dries fast enough that you don’t need to spend time waiting to get a flawless matte finish.

My favorite is the felt tip which is easy to slip. It is a small rubber with a pointed tip, which is very flexible. It looks very easy to carry.

This highly pigmented liquid eyeliner is suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. It has a mild formula. But there is one thing I think it is not very waterproof.

This is an immersion liquid, I can remove it from the substrate and apply one eye completely, and then immerse it again. In short, if you believe in your own hands, I recommend you to try it!




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